Mary Katrantzou

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Mary Katrantzou’s designs are awesome - I really like them; they are so different with their unique prints, which became her trademark from her very first show. The dresses also show sharp and edgy shoulders which display the strength in a woman. Mary's designs are very artistic; you don't just look at them and forget them! They are like a painting which wants to be discovered and talked about. The strong colours and prints entice you to dress up and make a creative game out of it! They distinguish themselves from everything else.

It is easy to see that each of her Spring/Summer dresses for 2011 has its own shape which adds even more power to the dress. I like the fact that the contrast between strong and sharp shapes and playful pastel colours is so bright; it is just so intersting. The original digital prints add the last bit to the dresses.
The last four dresses of the collection include lampshade designs, which create a very nostalgic feeling. You feel as if you would be driven back to the baroque era but at the same time the digital print is holding you in the present.
You can also see a golden oversized necklace in form of a candle holder! It looks as the jewellery would be really heavy! So bold and so beautiful...
Her A/W 2011 designs are also brilliant! She even collaborated with Christian Louboutin!
But I’ll write about that later in the year…

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