New & Shiny

Went to do some shopping today. Here are my new purchases:

1. Lace dress - Zara
2. Pink chinos - Zara
3. & 4. Blazer - H&M
5. Sunglasses - H&M

The dress is just perfection! You can style it "girly" and on the other hand add tough elements to make it more rock chick-y...
Pink chinos are also something great to step away a bit from the skinny jeans trend. Can't wait to wear them with my turquoise ballerinas!
I bought this blazer in a 10 although I am a 8. It did not make any difference I think, also it did not feel that tight on the shoulders. Comfort is important :D But guys, this blazer is really popular, I went to 4 different H&M stores and everywhere it was sold out. I could only find the lighter version...
Yeah and the last and maybe the best purchase are my new cool colourful sunglasses from H&M. The picture is actually from Urban Outfitters where they have exactly the same ones! BUT: There they are about 11 Pounds more expensive! So watch out :-)

Today was such a beautiful bright and sunny day! It was so wonderful to see the trees and bushes blossoming and to feel spring approaching so fast. Let's hope it stays like that :D

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