Style Collage

 All garments from Topshop
Creating collages really is much fun! 

This one is kind of western-y as it includes the American flag on the jeans and a cowboy themed bag. The top is a mix between boho and native American dress (so it looks for me, haha).
Then there is the question if you want to wear it with heels or flats? Decisions, decisions!
The best bit is probably the skull ring! I love skulls so so much... Actually, I treated myself to this ring yesterday :D Now I already have 3 skull rings (I know, big collection, right?)!
The American flag jeans look really great although I would prefer the print to be a bit darker... I mean you nearly can't see it! Back in December, I spotted a much darker and cooler American flag jeans in Topshop from the same brand (it's Moto, isn't it?). I should have bought it back then because now I cannot find it anymore... But I actually don't try that hard to find it...

Do you like printed jeans?

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