Zara dress & waistcoat, Vintage leather jacket, Diesel shoes, ? tights, Asos bag, Topshop necklace

Yeeeeey! My first outfit post!!! This is so cool; the blog is getting more professional, haha :D
I don't know yet wheter I'll frequently post my daily outfit choices, let's see... I want the blog to be a mix of my interests (obviously) and not be only focused on one particular theme. But hey, I can change my mind in a few months?!

I would like to hear/read your opinion on what you like to see on the blog. Tell me guys, please :D

I want to thank Madeline from Jean Greige that she mentioned me on her blog! I mean, I just sent her an editorial with shoes I thought she would like and bang I found it on her ultracool blog! People who already read her daily posts will know that she has a very cool and unique style! I love how she throws everything together (in a good way!), not to mention the dozens of super awesome rings she wears. Her style is very relaxed, in a cool and dreamy way. You can look at her outfit for a very long time and you'll find so many interesting details, I promise!
Now go and check her out!


  1. great post and blog!!


  2. love your lace dress so much.

  3. Hey, I like the photos, very nice and stylish. Keep it up :)


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