Behind The Scenes - Black Swan

The costumes which were designed for the ballet thriller movie Black Swan are a pleasure for the eyes. Costume designer Amy Westcott and Rodarte founders Laura and Kate Mulleavy made it their duty to create the breathtaking ballet costumes.

Here you can see some behind the scenes photographs which include several of the masterpieces. I don't know how long it takes to bring the designs to life but I believe it is a long and hard process. I'm sure it needs to be stiched by hand, fitted personally to the wearer and corrected a couple of times. This requires real passion, dedication and patience. And in the end you can see your work floating and dancing on the stage! How wonderful is that?


  1. love this thanks so much for sharing x

  2. I have not seen those pics before! Natalie looks soooo delicate!!!!


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