Item of Desire - Black and White striped Jeans

Since I'm in London my style is developing slightly into punk direction... I Like that :D I'm also more interested in Doc Martens, Winklepicker boots (like these ones), anything studded and rough leather of course! 

Let's talk about the desired item - it's the jeans from Motel Rocks! They're just so cool! Fun fact: I absolutely don't like horizontal stripes but adore vertical ones! I don't get that...
Those jeans you can combine with anything, blazers, crop tops, long shirts, oversized cardigans and the list goes on!

Tomorrow I'm going to post one of my favourite collections from this season, I'm sure you can guess which one I'm talking about (hints: ripped tees, studded jackets and much much leather)
Have a great night guys!

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  1. i love vertical stripes you dont see them as much but i think theyre so edgy and amazing - great pants xx

  2. i love your blog!
    Following...i would love if you followed back?


  3. how much are these pants

    1. 48 Pounds, you can buy them here:


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