Life's more fun on the sunny side!

The first editorial is for Vogue May 2011 and photographed by Miles Aldridge. It is called Sunny & Sexy.

Both editorials via
The second editorial is photographed by Miguel Reveriego for Yo Dona May 2011.

Especially the third, fourth and fifth picture from the last editorial remind me of the moments when you come out fresh washed from the shower, choosing clothes and jewelry for dinner at a small restaurant on the beach promenade. The moment when you step out of the hotel you feel the warm, humid air and a light breeze playing with your dress. You look at the sunset and feel so unbelievably happy watching it.

Geez I want to go to the beach right now...


  1. I adore the first editorial! I wish I could get my hair like that!


  2. I really like your blog! Follow me :)

  3. OMG THEY loook sooo fun. Love the last picture.


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