The Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiere

Here you can see some of the pictures I took
Blogger is finally working again, so lets post :D

On Thursday, 12th of May, I went to see the stars (especially one :D) at the blue (not red) carpet of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiere in London's Westfield shopping center. It was an unforgettable experience. Seeing Johnny Depp was really really cool as he is one of my favourite actors! When he came out the crowd went crazily mad! And I was so close to him, like one meter :D He is really adorable with his fans, he signs everything and touches and talks to them! Some other actors are very reserved but he is completely different. I believe that he likes to be more with his fans than with the press. This could be wrong but that's my personal feeling.
I've been to some premieres but none of them was so huge except of the Harry Potter 6 one. This was another crazy experience.

I am really happy that I could get to see Johnny Depp! He is truly one of the best actors out there and his work is mind-blowing! Next Thursday, I'm gonna run to the cinema to see the new Pirates movie and praise his excellence, hahaha :D

Has anyone else been to premieres or seen some actors? I wish you a great weekend guys and thank you so much for reading :D


  1. woww I've never seen such an actors so near!! you were lucky!!! I cant wait to see that movie!!


  2. Oh Johnny <3 :) Great pics!
    xx, Ana


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