Free People - Call of the Wild

 via Free People
Free People have been so kind to send me their June catalog which is available online from 6th of June. I like it very very much, this is one of the many styles I love - very natural and wild.
It is inspired by the wilderness of America. The fabrics are from natural sources and also the jewelry is inspired by Native America - stones, leather and feathers play a big part!
Call of the Wild is a great collection of clothes which are perfect for the time between summer and autumn, the earthy colours represent the transitional time quite good and leave me looking forward to next month's catalog.
Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. love love love every photo! free people is such a good brand!


  2. Love the crochet details!! xx

  3. the photos are AMAZING! omg i love them so much! :)
    xoxo, saskia


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