06 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011

On the weekend I went to the Graduate Fashion Week exhibition. It was my first time and I was left blown away! It is so beautiful and inspiring to see fresh new talent creating desings with such imagination and passion! Most of the creations were very young, quirky and fun which is exactly what you expect a graduate's work to be. The enormous variety had dramatic and glamorous dresses displayed alongside sporty outerwear. There was also a great mix of all the patterns you could imagine - metal, plastic, wood, paper and of course the obvious ones like leather and silk.

While walking through the exhibition I heard the distant beats of the music for the fashion shows. I even managed to get a glimpse and liked what I saw very much. It was like being on fashion week; dressed up people queuing patiently for their chosen show and discussing the talents they have already spotted. Hard-working photographers and camera teams were seen around the showcase trying to capture each moment.

I also had the opportunity to talk with three lovely girls about the course which I am starting from September, BA Fashion Journalism. I really look forward to university and can't wait to study :D
All in all I found the event brightened my day and left me with the question of who will be the next super designer!
Has anyone else been there? How did you like it?


  1. I haven't been there! WOW!! I love all of the colors and everything is SO unique!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. omg these pieces are incredible!! That picture of the sandwich is awesome!!!! Love your blog- following you :)


  3. Wow, wow, wow, what a feast for the eyes!

  4. what a great collection of photos! reading your story made me think about what I want to get into for school and pursuing something I love. Thank you!


  5. How had I not come across your blog until now?! Following :)


  6. wow, i just LOVE everything! the attention to texture, detail, not to mention historical inspiration is breathtaking! what college is this from? =)


  7. Wow, I would love to major in Fashion Journalism. But yeah these are amazing photos. I see alot of vibrancy in this exhibition. Must have been amazing to see in person!

  8. WOW,love this post!!!Thanks for sharing!

  9. Yup :) I think I'll be finishing up my degree now since I only have a year left then I'll go back to school to pursue the arts!


  10. great post. so many wonderful garments
    always fun to take part in seeing the new up and coming designers

  11. These are such amazing amazing pieces, people are sooo incredibly talented! Thank you for sharing, great great post!


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