Yes to Androgyny

 Lea T
Valentijn de Hingh
Andrej Pejic

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During the recent months you might have noticed some changes towards the typical image of a model in the fashion industry. Aside of being tall, narrow and having an interesting face and great bone structure it will be a great benefit for an uprising model if they are exotic. And by that I mean having features of both male and female and leaving the observer questioning about whether the model is woman or man.

As I personally love surprises in all their appearances I'm always left stunned when I look at this specific type of model. I find myself staring at the picture for minutes gazing at the model's facial features and being left stunned at nature's creations.
Above you can see two transgender models (Lea T and Valentijn de Hingh who both are originally male but then underwent gender reassignment surgery) and Andrej Pejic who is a male model with amazing female features (who I've wrote about here). All three are getting more and more successful with having appeared on catwalks of Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela and Dior haute couture and numerous pages in fashion magazines.


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  2. I love this post. I just wrote an article regarding androgyny in fashion, and it's so great to see bloggers embracing this as well!

    Have a great day!

  3. totally loving your blog and the entire concept! I'll definitely be checking back!

    XO Sahra

  4. Hey Emily! In response to your comment about my article, it hasn't been published on the site yet, but when it is I will definitely send you the link!


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