Beware of the Snake // New Hair

H&M dress and shoes, vintage belt and bracelets
Yesterday I reached 50 followers on Google Friend Connect and bloglovin'! Thank you again and again for reading and enjoying the blog! It really is great to know that others are interested too:D

As you can see, I've cut my hair! It's totally awesome and I feel free and better than before. I already had it short and blonde when I was 16, like Agyness Deyn had it, hahaha I was part of the craze too.
To be honest, I brought a picture of Henry Holland to the hairdressers, his hair is so cool! Yeah and now I'm styling it each day with wax and think of getting a hair comb to be as cool as Johny Travolta in Grease. I lol at myself sometimes...

To mention the outfit: Black maxi dresses are versatile and so very comfortable! You can really style it with everything! Today I wanted to mix it with some golden accessories. I could have added a small gold clutch but this would have meant overload I guess...

(I nead a new header now...and a profile and twitter pic...just sayin')

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  1. I love the maxi dress! Your hair is amazing!!!


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