German Glamour July 2011 - Ab in die Front Row!

German Glamour, July 2011, scanned by me
I really liked the July issue of the German Glamour magazine. It has great editorials, stories, shopping pages and other remarkable content. One editorial surprised me especially. I scanned it for you to share with because it is very witty and fun. It's called "Ab in die Front Row!" which means "off to the front row!". In the editorial one (yes, only one!) model portrays 10 individual characters with their own unique style. 

They are from past and present and all responsible for huge debates in the fashion industry. Everyone from famous editors, fashion journalists, photographers, singers, stylists and bloggers is included. I became pretty ecstatic when I saw Bryan and Tavi featured in the editorial. Imagine bloggers being so important in this industry! It's a major step and such a drastic change and transforms the fashion industry to a much livelier and modern sector.

Anyway, before we completely drift off topic let's just look at the editorial and enjoy :D


  1. i am in love with this editorial!
    cute blog:D


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  2. Fantastic!!!!;D

  3. that is so awesome! they really look like them.. what a brilliant idea:)


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