VMA's Best Dressed

images via look.co.uk
 Here you see my favourite outfits at the VMA's. Katy Perry, Jessie J, Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga are part of my personal best dressed list.  

Katy wore one of her best oufits yet, she was dressed in Atelier Versace and looking like a kooky japanese teenage girl. And I totally love her pink hair!!

Next we have Jessie J whose leg still isn't healed completely. I bet she thought: "So what - I'm still going to wear a show-stopping outfit!". And so she did! Her glitter body and tights are super awesome and check out what she's done with her crutches!

Kelly Rowland's dress combined some favourite materials of mine: leather, feathers and embroidered details. And her spiky Louboutin's (of which a poster hangs on my wall) blew my mind.

Lady Gaga or in this case Jo Calderone made the show unforgettable. The performer gave everything that night and played her role perfectly. She was a totally different person. Lady Gaga gave her very best at the Yoü and I performance and left the audience speechless.

Whose outfit did you like most? And where was Rihanna??

Lady Gaga's VMA Development

VMA's 2010

VMA's 2011
images via buzzworthy.mtv.com and catwalkqueen.tv
That's what I call being able to transform yourself! Lady Gaga is the master of this art! I'm totally curious to see what she'll be doing next year!
Did you see the VMA's or some videos on youtube? She definitely can act! If someone wouldn't know her (right who would that be??) they'd never say she's a she :D


Top from Italy, Forever21 shorts (with belt), H&M sandals
Another outfit from our holidays! Want to have summer back! At least today it's sunny in London :D
Here we have the Forever21 shorts again! So beautiful and versatile! With so many prints and colour I didn't need any more accessories although if I had added them it would have looked great too.
Just 11 days until I'm moving to uni. SO excited!! Who's with me??
Have a great and relaxing Sunday!!

Shoe Friday #12

images via asos.com
Well hello! Check out those besties, glittering around like there's no tomorrow!! Those two ASOS beauties caught my eye during the weekly search for the Shoe Friday stars :)
You can see this post as a sequel to this one.

Enjoy your weekend guys!! 

That's for the fruit and flower print lovers

 images via fashiongonerouge.com
Hello guys! I want to thank you for your funny, nice and lovely comments! It's great to hear your thoughts and opinions :D

I'm breathing London's air again and already feel more inspired. The atmosphere in this city is so captivating...

And now to the pictures! These are not from a summer collection, no they are from Dolce & Gabbana's fall winter 2011 lookbook. Ok I admit it, it's not the whole collection but I only picked the clothes with the flower prints hehe
It's so great that the Italian Uomini (no I don't speak Italian but can use the dictionary) designed "summer clothes" for winter! More designers should do that for the fruit and flower print lovers :D And now give me all of that!!!

Lady Gaga's Jo Calderone

images via coutequecoute.blogspot.com, nava-k.com and businessinsider.com
You cannot but love Lady Gaga for her art of expressing herself through so many different subjects like fashion, art, technology, politics and so much more. For her single Yoü and I she dresses as a man and adopts all kind of possible male behaviour. She completely transforms herself and her persona and creates a new and exciting part of herself who she calls Jo Calderone. We could already see a glimpse of him in issue 5 of Vogue Hommes Japan were the character looked more vulnerable than rebellious like we know him now from the Yoü and I video.
Lady Gaga doesn't and will never stop to surprise her fans and will always be five steps ahead of us. I'm very curious to see how she and her art will develop in the future.

If you haven't seen the Yoü and I video yet go and watch it here! It is phenomenal!

Ruffles & Flowers

Paul & Joe Sister top, Zara skirt, Darius sandals, Bijou Brigitte earrings
I got this top in a UK magazine a few years ago, maybe it was Elle? I always love the great amount of freebies consumers get in UK magazines! Totally different than in Austria! Nail polishes from Models Own, products from Benefit and so much more! Awesome :D

So, anyway I combined the ruffle top with my beloved Zara skirt and sparkly green sandals. I would love if the skirt could be worn a bit higher around the waist but unfortunately its not possible. But that way it's comfortable and I can breath haha!

The quality of this set of photos is a bit weird.. it was getting dark and the digital camera couldn't cope with it I guess. Back home we shoot with the Nikon D90 and problems like this are gone.

Have a relaxing week end my lovelies!

Shoe Friday #11

images via topshop.com
Happy Shoe Friday! Today I'm showing you some cool boots - they're covered all over with velvet! Charlene from Strutt is crazy in love with the red ones and we can all agree right? They also look very comfortable and are also available in black dark green. Back in London I'm going to Topshop to try them on - hopefully they'll be still in stock!
Do you like them?

A stylist's tips

via syle.com
Check him out! What a great styling job he did! He should know because he's a stylist haha. Yeah that's pretty much the only thing I know about him and that his name is Keegan Singh. I guess we can all take some inspiration from him.  White blouse + leather (or is it satin?) tie + leather pants + dirty shoes = Coolness. And if you want to stand out even more pop a bit of wax into your short hair. If you have long hair use coloured highlights to emphasize your cool crop!

Check out his work here
Really cool!

The Clash - photographed by Fabien Baron for Interview August

via fashiongonerouge.com
This mega rad editorial reminds me of this one where they focused on Tank Girl. Both share the rebellious and independent side of fashion and also the hair colour :D !
What I love about the styling on this particular editorial is the use of the designer clothes. Styled toghether they create an urban punk atmosphere which doesn't feel dirty and dark but somehow glamorous. The metallic and shiny pieces help a lot to achieve this effect. My favourite look is the last one, those golden trousers are just uber cool! I'd totally wear this outfit, ghetto blaster included!

Mix it!!

Forever 21 top and shorts (with belt), Fabiano sandals, Topshop earrings

This is one of the first outfits I wore on my holiday in Greece. Both top and shorts are from my first ever trip to Forever 21! It's so awesome there! Everything has prints on it and all the colours are so lively! And the jewelry section is huge and so affordable! EXCITING :D

Right, back to the outfit. Me being a colour and print lover I just had to throw both garments together! And it worked hahah (well at least I think it did). The sandals and the belt feature both blue and brown and help to "define" the outfit. I like it very much.

What do you think? Holy grail or epic fail (I just had to, hahahahah... but it RHYMES!!)?
Have a great Sunday!

Rose McGowan in Blumarine/Sneak Peek SS2012

via huffingtonpost.com
Rose McGowan totally took center stage at the Conan The Barbarian premiere a few days ago. The literally glowing actress looked like a mermaid escaped from the sea. To emphasize the super frock even better she wore her hair on one side only and curled it to soft bouncy waves.

The best bit is that we are looking at one piece of Blumarine's SS2012 collection which has yet to hit the runway! I'm super curious to see the entire collection and predict it'll be super fun like all the Blumarine collections!

Shoe Friday #10

images via underground-cybershop.co.uk and topshop.com
Aren't they just gorgeous!!! Months ago, I found this super cool website, where they sell all kind of different and punk and goth inspired shoes. British readers will probably know the site and shoe designs I guess. Just go here and see what I'm talking about.

While browsing the website I quickly found my favourite design - the winklepickers! They're unique, cool and have a bit of punk and goth in them which was what I was looking for. And the fact that the boots are red is even better! A definite eye-catcher in your oufit!
They look a bit like the Chloé pre fall 2008 boots with the golden studs. They caused a major craze among fashion bloggers and co. which is quite understandable! Their biggest fans could be Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller who still are spotted wearing them these days..
via fashionsatisfaction.blogspot.com
When I'm back in London I need to see them in real life and hopefully buy them!
What do you think about the winklepickers? Hot or not?

EDIT: Because of all the excitement I forgot to mention where you can buy the winklepickers in the collage. The red ones you can buy here and the white ones here.

The Ultimate Tuxedo

images via style.com and fanpop.com

1 Anne Valérie Hash 2 Jason Wu 3 Ann Demeulemeester 4 Haider Ackermann 5 Michael Kors 6 Emilio Pucci
Inspired by style.com's fall 2011 trend reports this collage was created. When I hear tuxedo the first thing popping into my mind is Tuxedo Mask, a character from the anime series Sailor Moon. Surprisingly, I never watched the show! But with his cool smoking he just stuck in my mind when I was zapping trough TV channels as a kid.

Someday I'd love to own a tuxedo - it's just the ultimate statement piece! If you want to say something meaningful and important just jump into your suit and people will listen to you and take you seriously. Lol ok that also works with more casual clothing but you get what I'm saying :)
But for now I'll be happy to live without one. Now I feel young and fun and want to wear clothes which show just that. A blazer is enough for now!

Do you own a tuxedo? When do you wear it? And most important question: How do you wear it?
Tell me about it!

Back to real life!

Hello hello hello!!! I'm back from holiday :D I've missed blogging and now I'm so happy to be able to blog again! I've shot some outfit pics for you and you'll also see some traditional holiday snaps. This year I went with my family and we stayed on Corfu in Greece. It was a great (and much needed!) break from the past year and I'm already looking forward to next year's escape.

Now I'm sitting here in Vienna looking outside the window and missing Corfu's sunshine... but I'm not here to moan as I'm off to London soon, moving to university halls, actually starting my uni course (YEY! Finally :D) and fashion week too is approaching with the speed of light!! September will be a very exciting month!!

So in the next days I'll show you my holiday outfits and some other stuff! Have a great day guys with whatever you're doing!!!
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