The Ultimate Tuxedo

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1 Anne Valérie Hash 2 Jason Wu 3 Ann Demeulemeester 4 Haider Ackermann 5 Michael Kors 6 Emilio Pucci
Inspired by's fall 2011 trend reports this collage was created. When I hear tuxedo the first thing popping into my mind is Tuxedo Mask, a character from the anime series Sailor Moon. Surprisingly, I never watched the show! But with his cool smoking he just stuck in my mind when I was zapping trough TV channels as a kid.

Someday I'd love to own a tuxedo - it's just the ultimate statement piece! If you want to say something meaningful and important just jump into your suit and people will listen to you and take you seriously. Lol ok that also works with more casual clothing but you get what I'm saying :)
But for now I'll be happy to live without one. Now I feel young and fun and want to wear clothes which show just that. A blazer is enough for now!

Do you own a tuxedo? When do you wear it? And most important question: How do you wear it?
Tell me about it!

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  1. I love the sailor moon reference! I posted a picture of my sailor moon watch a few weeks ago - bought back so many memories!! xxx


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