VMA's Best Dressed

images via look.co.uk
 Here you see my favourite outfits at the VMA's. Katy Perry, Jessie J, Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga are part of my personal best dressed list.  

Katy wore one of her best oufits yet, she was dressed in Atelier Versace and looking like a kooky japanese teenage girl. And I totally love her pink hair!!

Next we have Jessie J whose leg still isn't healed completely. I bet she thought: "So what - I'm still going to wear a show-stopping outfit!". And so she did! Her glitter body and tights are super awesome and check out what she's done with her crutches!

Kelly Rowland's dress combined some favourite materials of mine: leather, feathers and embroidered details. And her spiky Louboutin's (of which a poster hangs on my wall) blew my mind.

Lady Gaga or in this case Jo Calderone made the show unforgettable. The performer gave everything that night and played her role perfectly. She was a totally different person. Lady Gaga gave her very best at the Yoü and I performance and left the audience speechless.

Whose outfit did you like most? And where was Rihanna??


  1. Hey !
    Jessie J and Lady Gaga look awesome!


  2. I love your commentary on these outfits! I think my favorite would have to Kelly Rowland- I love her dress! (:


  3. Kelly kills it... she looks hot!!!


    Check out our HOUSE OF HARLOW GIVEAWAY, thought itd be right up your alley!!!


    Love xxx

  4. Iloved Kelly!!! But Gaga was -once again- the hit of the night!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  5. I loved Lady Gaga, I felt like she was so cute, and I've never heard her speak so much! I think this was her best performance yet. Love reading your posts!

    Naz Isik


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