Shoe Friday #10

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Aren't they just gorgeous!!! Months ago, I found this super cool website, where they sell all kind of different and punk and goth inspired shoes. British readers will probably know the site and shoe designs I guess. Just go here and see what I'm talking about.

While browsing the website I quickly found my favourite design - the winklepickers! They're unique, cool and have a bit of punk and goth in them which was what I was looking for. And the fact that the boots are red is even better! A definite eye-catcher in your oufit!
They look a bit like the ChloƩ pre fall 2008 boots with the golden studs. They caused a major craze among fashion bloggers and co. which is quite understandable! Their biggest fans could be Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller who still are spotted wearing them these days..
When I'm back in London I need to see them in real life and hopefully buy them!
What do you think about the winklepickers? Hot or not?

EDIT: Because of all the excitement I forgot to mention where you can buy the winklepickers in the collage. The red ones you can buy here and the white ones here.


  1. The red one are the best! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous boots! Great blog, im following now :)

    Follow and comment x

  3. Awesome! Perfect for autumn.

    stop by my blog
    xx Brigita

  4. Amazing!

  5. ahhh underground is the best - they do the best creepers! those chloe studded boots are fab though


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