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University only started on Monday and I've already been to the library four times! I love being in libraries; being surrounded by books, encyclopedias and magazines makes me feel like a child in a candy shop! Browsing through the huge amount of shelfs is such a calming and wonderful experience. I absolutely love the thought of being around so many different (fashion) books.

Today I went again to check out the fashion magazine section. They have everything from Italian Vogue to Dazed & Confused and obviously also magazines of which I've never heard before. The first picture for example shows amelia's magazine, a beautiful journal which combines cute illustrations with unique fashion.

In the second picture you can see a fragment of the extensive archive the library keeps. It's mind blowing. I loved browsing through Italian Vogue's October 1991 issue. I think it seemed much more friendly in these days because in nearly every campaign or editorial the models were smiling and laughing which I see very rarely in todays magazines. What do you think?

And I guess you all recognise the one and only Agyness Deyn in the last picture! I took the photo from Elle UK's October issue which devoted it's cover to the British supermodel. I also started to read an article about her but had to stop because the library was closing... So what do you think I'll be doing tomorrow? Visiting the library again of course :D

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