So Very Feminine

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Currently I am inspired by women and feminine and classy dressing and make up. It never goes out of fashion and is always up to date. Do you like that style?

Guys, a few days ago I moved into student halls and it's so great! The people are so different (countries & cultures) and nice and funny! My room is one of the biggest two in our accomodation, so lucky that I got it! 
On Monday induction week and freshers start so I'm really looking forward to both :) We might do some "fashion week activities" so I'm curious to see what's planned!
How are you? How are your first days back at school/uni? I wish you the very best of time and luck!!!

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  1. Gorgeous selection of inspirational images - I love Mila Kunis and I love Maribou feathers!
    Lovely blog.


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