Discuss: Kate Moss' 13-year-old sister's modeling debut

Lottie Moss, Kate Moss' sister, has made her modeling debut. After being noticed by the fashion industry at Kate's wedding in July this year, those photos are no surprise for some fashion observers. Shot by Andrea Carter Bowman, the teenager shows her model potential.

Personally, I am totally against children under the age of 18 to work as models. After all, they are still children and need to enjoy their rather short childhood. These days they grow up even quicker so at least they should have a bit of time before they hit adulthood and start to work. Freedom and carefreeness will never be experienced so much in your later life.

Being a model has a lot to do with knowing your body and how to play with it. At that age children and teenagers don't know. They feel insecure and not calm infront of the camera. To work with them would be harder than with a grown-up model. It would take longer for them to get the concept, strike a pose and much more.

 Also, what is the thing with letting her wear high heels? She's just 13 for Christ's sake! I don't understand why the industry wants younger models to look and act older when they are not. The clothing with what they styled Lottie is definitely too mature for her - too mature for me even and I am 20!

What I want to say is: Just let the children be children. Don't touch them. Leave them out of this industry until they understand it.

images via styleite.com

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  1. Nice photos! :)



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