Gold Studded Gloves

What is with me and studs?? I tell you what - I'm obsessed, haha. Maybe not obsessed, that's quite a strong term - But I am still obsessed with those shoes. Anyways... THE GLOVES: the first time I saw them on Carolina's blog and of course I liked what I saw. Now I'm not really someone who talks in third person about themselves but Emily really wants to try them on! I was in two Zara's (ok maybe not a huge effort of mine but STILL) and they were out of stock............ Well well........... Wish me luck for the next trip to Zara...

image of gloves via, collage by me


  1. Did u find them?I can't find them anywhere,and the things was i did found them,but thought they were too expensive,and when i was sure to buy them,they were out of stock :(

  2. No, I haven't been to a Zara store since then but plan on on going tomorrow! But I doubt they'll have them; now that they're on sale the people will literally fight about them!
    Maybe we will have luck on eBay?
    xx Emily

  3. I only checked on ebay uk but no luck yet,I think they were in limited stock,in my local zara they said they only had 3 pairs.I'm really desperate,haha.Let me know if you had any luck :D


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