Colourful Grunge

Zara cardigan, H&M dress and shirt, Topshop boots and tights, River Island hat, ASOS bag, Forever21 necklace

Welcome to a new week guys! For me it'll be all about relaxing after I finished my first semester at university. This week we have a break and I will use the time to visit some galleries, read books and apply for internships. Can't wait :-) 

I really look forward to the 2nd semster - we'll be focusing on styling, photography and broadcast/video. Whoop!!

Also from now on it should get warmer and finally I can dig out my beloved spring/summer clothes. Just love the thought of the weather getting better.

Now, to the my look above: This cardigan is ultramegasuperawesome! I've been lusting after it since I saw it hitting the shops but couldn't believe when I saw for how much money they sold it (59.99 Pounds! Seriously??). I watched the price drop to 39.99 and then finally to 19.99 in the sales and didn't think twice before I bought it. Such a reward; waiting for so long and then getting it for 40 Pounds less!

I simply took a black maxi dress, my black boots and some gold jewellery to get a grunge feel. For the surprise effect I added this awesome colourful cardigan and the pink tights. That's my take on grunge haha!

What did you buy in the sales? Spontaneous purchases or items you wanted for ages?

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  1. Love the outfit!
    Looks great on you ;)

  2. love that outfit!!!
    follow my blog if u like it!!!
    xoxo Marika


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