Casually planking

And the crazy pic at the end...
Zara jeans and waistcoat, myMO shirt, Topshop boots and earrings, D&G watch, Asos ring

That was a fun shoot today! Ok, it's always fun but today it was even crazier :D We borrowed a super cool lens from our university which makes the background so beautifully blurry! You can see the effect in the first picture. So happy I finally got to experiment with that lens :D

To the outfit: It is an autumn version of this one here I wore in the summer. It's very different, although it has the same main elements; the Zara jeans and waistcoat.

Also, I wore a silver eyeshadow which makes my eyes look so different! Kinda small and weird. I don't know - maybe it's just me haha. I was even wearing mascara! Maybe I should have used an eyeliner??

Speaking of makeup - be sure to enter my giveaway here to win a Body Shop makeup box worth £65.50. I'd enter if I wouldn't already have it ;-)

Have a great leap year day :D Hahaha

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