LFW Day 1

London Fashion Week kicked off today! Read on to see what I experienced.
At first I went to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition and found a mix of soft silk dresses, metal-encrusted knits, colour bonanza and tough black dresses which surely weigh a lot but look fierce. I love the strong point of view young designers have and wish we could see more shops offering garments like these.
Straight after the exhibition I went to see my first show of the week. Krystof Strozyna delivered sharp-cut garments which were coloured in the shades of the night sky; black and navy blue. Softer hues such as nude and antique pink and fabrics like leather added to the femininity and sensuality of the overall very successful collection. Big thank you to the Krystof Strozyna team and Goodley PR (also for the front row seat :D)!
Somerset House was next - THE place for crazy street style. I spotted very weird and over the top looks, mainly created by people to get them noticed and photographed. But that's what Fashion Week is for - promotion in any kind of way.
The outfits which you see below are not as crazy as I thought they would be like. But I believe tomorrow it's going to be massive; it's Saturday, people have a day off and all the major designers will be showing. That's a people magnet.
Afterwards I went to see the A La Disposition presentation. It reminded me of the latest Marc Jacobs collection, it was the hats probably ;-)
I really like the bold shapes and especially the geometric shoulders and the violet blue hat you see in the last picture.
I had to go back to Somerset House - what was going on there? Just as I arrived, I saw Pandemonia being interviewed by Fashion TV. It was cool seeing the artist in real life and also checking out the costume in real life.
Before I saw Pandemonia at Somerset House, I walked past a double of the artist! They were dressed in a black latex suit.

Then I stopped Jameela Jamil for an outfit shot. She was really nice and let me photograph her.
I really like her column in Company magazine.
That was it for today! I loved the first day and can't wait for tomorrow. Today I spotted Pixie Lott, Jameela Jamil, Lily Melrose (llymlrs.com), Susie Lau (stylebubble.typepad.com), Sasha Wilkins (libertylondongirl.com), David Koma, Pandemonia and friends, classmates and my tutor. Love how LFW is the place to be in February.
Tomorrow I have more shows to attend and will also continue to shoot some great street style photos for you! Follow me on twitter and instagram for live updates @styleexplorer.
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  1. OMG I followed that link you sent me, and wow yes I can see how my style has changed, I'm so happy you remember me and photographed me, it's an honor! Yes, I've definitely moved away from all the blackness, it was a phase that I needed to get out of my system. In retrospect, it was 'IN' at that moment but still, glad I've done it hahaaa. Glad you like my GIFs lol.

    xx The Provoker
    Keep on provoking The Style Explorer! <3


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