Shoe Friday #43

What do we have here? Some black studded Zara beauties! Available with heel and pointy toe or without heel and a rounded toe. I'd go for the comfier design; my ankles will survive and my toes as well and I'll still look good! If that doesn't make me happy, I don't know what will.
Get them here and here. Have a sunny weekend! 
xx Emily

images via, collage by me
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It's Tuxedo Time

The last image I scanned in from the February 1991 issue of Vogue Italia; you could wear these four looks easily today.
Do you have your suit at the ready?

images via and Vogue Italia Feb. 1991
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Shoe Friday #42

The 60ies trend is not going anywhere. Those super bright shoes are the living proof. With eye-popping colours, huge buckles and super high heels they are more than just a statement shoe.

Do you prefer the left, by Giuseppe Zanotti, or the right, by River Island?

images via and, collage by me
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A New Way To Roll

This video is the sequel to the outfit post on Monday. At the moment I'm busy with uni work and didn't blog as much as usual so this hilarious ad is perfect to cheer us up! Don't watch while eating or you'll choke ;-)
Tomorrow I'll be back with Shoe Friday, so watch out for that one. Bye!
Emily xx
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This Is How I Roll

H&M blazer, jeans and socks, Lee Cooper blouse, All Saints shoes, Asos bag, Topshop earrings and ring

I didn't think that I would end up jumping around like crazy in this shoot. But maybe it was the rolled up jeans that provoked the fun? Or was it just me being me?

Anyway, what we've got here is the reinvention of some basics everyone has in their wardrobes. The spring blazer (which I also wore here last year), white semi-transparent blouse and basic not too skinny jeans. These were actually my first "skinny jeans". When I bought them aged 15 or 16 I thought they were really tight. Back then I obviously didn't know how tight trousers could really be made...

Let's explain the outfit: As spring approaches, you naturally want to show that you're heading in the right direction to summer's top trends. But if you haven't been shopping for the new trends this season, or even don't intend to, how can you show that you're hip and in the know? By simply rolling up everything you have on your body, I'd say. You can do this all year round; it's not necessarily a trend but it injects unexpected freshness into your outfit.

I started with adjusting my jeans and baring a bit of innocent nude dotted sock. And hey ho, before you see, you have a wholly different look! Why didn't anyone tell you this before you might ask.
And then, to emphasize the rolling-up mood, you can handle your blazer sleeves if you wish. Place them near your elbows like you see me holding them tight in the first photo. They'll try to roll back down - be persistent and hold them in place as if they were little children wanting too many sweets.

In the end we'll have a look which looks different but not too different; people will notice but not stare the hell out of you. And in the end that's what you want right?

Also, my hair is out of control. I'm growing it out. Please excuse the mess.

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Week 11 - Recap

I tried out a Wacom graphic tablet - I have always wanted to play around with one :-) It's a bit weird at the beginning but I figure that after a bit of training you'll get used to it. Our university has so many things you can borrow, I just love it!

I started reading the third Millenium series. Curious what's gonna happen in the end!
Yesterday I spotted a green bike at uni - coincidental with St. Patrick's Day?

Found out that I really like Oreo's. I've only had an Oreo milkshake before which was DELISH!
When I bought them at Tesco a week ago, they were on offer - so hurry, it might still be on :-)
 Had yummy fish and chips at Wetherspoons - a bit to greasy but very very tasty!

Also I didn't hesitate to get my free Starbucks latte on Wednesday. Did you grab one? What did they draw on your cup?
A bit of text from The Girl Who Played With Fire - When I read "He is Lisbeth's father." I was like WHATTT?? Lol (or something like that; my reaction was surprisingly surprised XD).

Second pic is just a street on a sunny day, I've got nothing to add to that ;-)
People! Check out what I found in the holy grail of bargains - Poundland! Revlon nailpolish for (obviously) ONE Pound instead of 6.49 in Superdrug or Boots! I was searching for a metallic shade like that since my old nail polish dried up pretty much (well, I've had it for five years or so?).
And the best bit: I painted my nails on Thursday and they still look the same! No chips or weirdness going on whatsoever. Head out to Poundland NOW and grab some nail paint!

I also made my best pancakes yet. Nom nom :D
And finally here I've got a tear sheet from Dare, a magazine you can get in Superdrug. Just for a bit of nailspiration.

I also designed a new header which is probably my favourite yet. But I'm planning another one already... :D

How has your week been? Did anything cool, striking or fun happen?

Have a great Sunday everyone.
xx Emily
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Printed Trousers

If you haven't lived in a cave for the last months, you've probably noticed that prints are huge this season. This summer we have more choice than ever - deciding between tropical, jungle, animal, paisley, floral, Versace-lookalikes, and many more prints isn't really easy.
I made a small collage of four beautiful trousers. My favourite would probably be Altuzarra's tropical bird trousers but I also like Matthew Williamson's surrealistic palm print. Anything green will do.
If you like the silk Yves Saint Laurent trousers, make sure to visit for a slightly different colour and print.
Do you have a weakness for prints? What's your favourite?

Here are the links:
Gregory Parkinson
Yves Saint Laurent
Matthew Williamson

images via, and Collages by me.
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Shoe Friday #41

Look what I just found! See-through boots with a perspex heel by Maison Martin Margiela. You can get them in black and nude, for a grunge or girlie take on the trend. Whatever you prefer :-)
I wish you an amazing weekend!
xx Emily
images via, collage by me
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Agyness Deyn for Rebecca Minkoff

Here's a video for you to brighten up this already beautiful sunny day.
The focus is on uber girl-crush Agyness Deyn, modeling the latest designs for American brand Rebecca Minkoff.
With her theatre play The Leisure Society and the announcement that she will design a clothing and shoe line for no other than Dr Martens, it seems that Aggy's definitely back and not going anywhere soon. We appreciate this very much!
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The Girl Who Played With Fire


Guys, I just finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. After reading the first one I terribly wanted to know how it would continue and was super happy when I spotted it in the library. I must say it's one of the most captivating and thrilling reads.
During the last hours I sat in my bed, glued to the book, biting my lips in excitement, and only got up to get some food.
The first thing I did after I finished reading it was to watch the trailer of the Swedish movie which I'm hopefully going to watch tomorrow.

Have you read it? Probably yes, as I'm a bit late reading it only now as it came out years ago. Do you like the books and the film adaptions?

What I like most about Lisbeth Salanders character is that she never gives up. It might me stupid in some cases, especially if her opponent is stronger, but I am fascinated by her determination and motivation.

And of course who doesn't like girls who seriously kick ass?

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Body Shop Giveaway Winner

 Thank you all for participating in the giveaway! Right, now let's announce the winner :-)
According to the machine, it's Livia! Congratulations girl! You'll receive an email from me shortly.

Thank you again guys. Have a relaxing weekend.

Shoe Friday #40

It's Shoe Friday's 40th episode and what better way to celebrate than with Christian Louboutin sandals? They are really beautiful with their multicoloured metallic leather details. I bet summer wants to come faster with these in mind ;-)

I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!
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