The Girl Who Played With Fire


Guys, I just finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. After reading the first one I terribly wanted to know how it would continue and was super happy when I spotted it in the library. I must say it's one of the most captivating and thrilling reads.
During the last hours I sat in my bed, glued to the book, biting my lips in excitement, and only got up to get some food.
The first thing I did after I finished reading it was to watch the trailer of the Swedish movie which I'm hopefully going to watch tomorrow.

Have you read it? Probably yes, as I'm a bit late reading it only now as it came out years ago. Do you like the books and the film adaptions?

What I like most about Lisbeth Salanders character is that she never gives up. It might me stupid in some cases, especially if her opponent is stronger, but I am fascinated by her determination and motivation.

And of course who doesn't like girls who seriously kick ass?

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