Stylish Blogger Award for The Style Explorer

A few days ago I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Arianti from Jiglycious. It's so sweet and I'm honoured to be one of the winners :D Also it's my first blog award, so that's a really nice feeling :-) What a great way to start a new and beautiful month!
Arianti is a follower of The Style Explorer and has a very bold and colourful style herself.


Now it's up to me to award someone. The bloggers who receive the award will need to consider these rules:

*Thank and link to the person who awarded you
*Share seven things about yourselves
*Award 15 or so recently discovered great blogs
*Contact these bloggers and tell them they won

Right, so let's share a few things:
My all-time favourite series are Desperate Housewives, Lost and Friends
I don't wear heels higher than seven centimeters
But I do love high heels (no wonder I'm running the weekly Shoe Friday)
I completely adore French
I'm obsessed with artichokes, ├ęclairs, Nutella, BBQ sauce and Japanese food
I love going to movie premieres
I would like to play a Marvel Comics heroine, like a female version of Ghost Rider, hahaha

And finally, the Stylish Blogger Award goes to...

[in no particular order]

Thank you again Arianti! Have a great evening everyone :D
P.S.: Be sure to enter here for the Body Shop makeup giveaway!
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  1. Nice blog! I'd be happy if you visited mine and became a follower! :)


  2. Aw, thank you so much for the award! And congrats on getting it previously.

    Stay in touch!

    xx, becs

  3. Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)



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