Week 11 - Recap

I tried out a Wacom graphic tablet - I have always wanted to play around with one :-) It's a bit weird at the beginning but I figure that after a bit of training you'll get used to it. Our university has so many things you can borrow, I just love it!

I started reading the third Millenium series. Curious what's gonna happen in the end!
Yesterday I spotted a green bike at uni - coincidental with St. Patrick's Day?

Found out that I really like Oreo's. I've only had an Oreo milkshake before which was DELISH!
When I bought them at Tesco a week ago, they were on offer - so hurry, it might still be on :-)
 Had yummy fish and chips at Wetherspoons - a bit to greasy but very very tasty!

Also I didn't hesitate to get my free Starbucks latte on Wednesday. Did you grab one? What did they draw on your cup?
A bit of text from The Girl Who Played With Fire - When I read "He is Lisbeth's father." I was like WHATTT?? Lol (or something like that; my reaction was surprisingly surprised XD).

Second pic is just a street on a sunny day, I've got nothing to add to that ;-)
People! Check out what I found in the holy grail of bargains - Poundland! Revlon nailpolish for (obviously) ONE Pound instead of 6.49 in Superdrug or Boots! I was searching for a metallic shade like that since my old nail polish dried up pretty much (well, I've had it for five years or so?).
And the best bit: I painted my nails on Thursday and they still look the same! No chips or weirdness going on whatsoever. Head out to Poundland NOW and grab some nail paint!

I also made my best pancakes yet. Nom nom :D
And finally here I've got a tear sheet from Dare, a magazine you can get in Superdrug. Just for a bit of nailspiration.

I also designed a new header which is probably my favourite yet. But I'm planning another one already... :D

How has your week been? Did anything cool, striking or fun happen?

Have a great Sunday everyone.
xx Emily
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  1. Millennium Trilogy is brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant, I'm so sad that Larsson passed away before finishing the whole series which was supposed to have 7 books in total. And I'm really jealous of the tablet, currently saving up for one.



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