Shoe Friday #47

When they first came around, sneaker wedges received a nod of approval by many heads but not mine. In fact, I was shaking my head so often, I wonder how it's still on its place. But as they've stuck around for so long, I got used to them and slightly changed my opinion, as I did with skinny jeans, leggings, leopard print and Scarlett Johansson.

High-top sneaker wedges are just plain old cool and will be worn by everyone; hip hop queens, 14-year-old bloggers, man repellers, classy Italians and even Bryanboy (who loves his Marc by Marc Jacobs Jacobs pair, left). Topshop followed suit quickly and has created a couple of wedge trainers to revel the designer sneakers. My favourite one you can see above. I like that it combines two, no three, trends in one piece - sneaker wedge (really?), floral print and pastel colours.

Will you be rocking sneaker wedges this spring?
images via and, collage by me
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