Bold Metallics At Diesel Black Gold SS12

If your jaw hasn't dropped by now, I don't know...
This kind of awesomeness we're usually only getting from Balmain (I went to some samples sales on Tuesday including Jospeh's and tried on three Balmain trousers - two jeans and one leather pant - and I'm telling you, it was te-rri-fic!!). Can you actually believe those pants? The cut, the flare at the ankle, the colour, the fabric, the pattern, the little belts everywhere - all these details do it for me.

The other magnificent part of the collection is the shiny metallic jacket in photo six. I've seen it in many editorials already but can't seem to find it in online shops. Maybe it isn't out yet? But it's nearly June already, so it should be, right?
It's just the ultimate cool boxy jacket with all these pockets and zips.

Do you like the collection? What's your favourite piece?

Shop the mind-blowing leather pants here.

Photos via, and The last image is a collage made by me.
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Summer Starts Now

Hello there dear people! It's the first week of my four month long summer holidays and I am so looking forward to them.
That's what I wore last Friday. Kind of mixed and matched everything. I feel most comfortable with all these colours and christmas-like decorations...

What are you up to this summer? Plans, projects, holidays? Tell me.

Shirt, blazer, sunglasses: H&M
Chinos: Zara
Socks, shoes: Primark

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Shoe Friday #51

Swing into summer with the help of Hermes' sandals. Well, kind of. From now on, those photos of you jumping in the air will look even better when wearing these. Get the summer staple by Ancient Greek Sandals here. They are also available in nude and black.

Visit Ancient Greek Sandals' website here and browse through their whole collection. They have very beautiful designs.

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Prada x Polanski: A Therapy

Prada presents a short snappy film starring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley. Its director is no other than Roman Polanski. Watch and be entertained.

video via
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Uterqüe - It's Not What You Might Think

No guys, I am not showing you Zara products again. But you nearly guessed right. Today I want to introduce you to Uterqüe, a brand by the genious Inditex group which brought us Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarious, Pull and Bear and Oysho. Uterqüe was established in 2008 and means 'both', 'both sides' and 'the one and the other'. The brand wants to make accessories a basic staple in every woman's wardrobe.

The price point is a bit higher than Zara's but the store convinces with impeccable design and the highest quality. Uterqüe already has 85 stores in 16 countries and expands itself constantly. Hopefully they'll come to London soon.

Below you can find some of my favourite pieces. Visit for the whole collection and more information about the brand.

images via
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Shoe Friday #50

To celebrate the 50th edition of the weekly Shoe Friday, I was on the lookout for a statement shoe. And as you can see, I found it. I don't need to say much, except that Charlotte Olympia is very very close to climbing on top of the shoe Olympus... Pun intended!

images via and, collage by me
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Suit Up With Leather And Sneakers

This outfit is a different version of this one here. It's a more modern and updated version thanks to the leather trousers, satin sneakers and minus the hat. Accessories like rings and nail polish also have been updated. 
Which outfit do you prefer?
Zara top
H&M trousers
Zara blazer
Diesel sneakers
Asos bag

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Shoe Friday #49

Look at the shoe, what do we see? Snakeskin, metallics, mega-zips, and are those leather laces? I don't think so, but we can dream on... Get the Giuseppe Zanotti high-tops here.
image via

Just Throw It All Together

You know how when it's sunny and warm outside your hormones start going ba-ba-boing? Well, that's what happened on the 1st of May, when the sun actually came out. That resulted in feeling very alive and therefore picking a matching outfit. I threw on my chinos but felt that it was still too chilly to go without tights. And so I grabbed these totally colourful ones.
Contrary to the lower body, which was themed after sorbet & ice cream, the upper body wasn't yet ready to welcome the warmth. So it stayed covered in a Stella McCartney-esque top and heavy leather jacket. Only the accessories went mad.
Here we have me, grinning at you and holding tight my beloved bag (which you probably can't bear seeing anymore, buy hey ho, I'm a loyal person).
Living it up by performing Michael Jackson moves. Salut my friends!

H&M top
Zara chinos
Vintage jacket
 Coverse shoes
H&M tights
Asos bag
H&M belt
H&M sunglasses
D&G watch (silver), Swatch watch
Asos claw ring, Topshop elephant ring (purple), Six ring (green), Bipa ring 

I wore so many things!

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On Finding THE Glitter Nail Polish

Finding a specific glitter nail polish has been more difficult than I initially thought. What I want is: Big colourful glitter sequins/ multicoloured glitter sequins in different sizes and shapes and with a transparent polish. The nail polishes you find in drugstores are less attention-grabbing; with their small glitter pieces they look more subtle and more like every other nail paint.

But finally, I found what I was searching for! American Apparel has two very beautiful and bold nail polishes, Supernova and Galaxy Glitter, both priced at £9. Models Own delivers with their new range, Hed Kandi, and it's party friendly nail paint Ibiza Mix, priced at £5.

You could also make your own nail polish. It'll be unique and you can decide how it'll look like. Just buy a transparent nail paint and scour eBay for some glitter and sequins. Or whatever else you want in there. And it'll definitely be cheaper too...

Do you have any glitter nail polish recommendations? Have you ever made your own nail polish?

images via and, collage by me
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Altuzarra at Zara

Remember these jungle print trousers? I bet you do, how could you forget jewels like these...
Well, scroll down and enjoy a little surprise.
What happened here? No, you don't see twice. Our favourite high street store Zara received them in stores earlier this week. They're still flashy like the Altuzarra design but more wearable due to the lack of green. The elements are still the same though; parrots, exotic flowers and palm leaves make the trousers pop.
Also look at the wonderfully placed zip, a bonus for pocket and detail lovers like me.

I'll be going to Kingston today to try them on. How about you? Are you tempted?

photos via and, collages by me
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