Altuzarra at Zara

Remember these jungle print trousers? I bet you do, how could you forget jewels like these...
Well, scroll down and enjoy a little surprise.
What happened here? No, you don't see twice. Our favourite high street store Zara received them in stores earlier this week. They're still flashy like the Altuzarra design but more wearable due to the lack of green. The elements are still the same though; parrots, exotic flowers and palm leaves make the trousers pop.
Also look at the wonderfully placed zip, a bonus for pocket and detail lovers like me.

I'll be going to Kingston today to try them on. How about you? Are you tempted?

photos via and, collages by me
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  1. am utterly in love with these Altuzarra pants :sigh:

  2. Maybe I'm a bit late but, hey, I bought them and I love them :)
    cute blog btw, I'm following. If you want check mine out I would be happy!


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