Just Throw It All Together

You know how when it's sunny and warm outside your hormones start going ba-ba-boing? Well, that's what happened on the 1st of May, when the sun actually came out. That resulted in feeling very alive and therefore picking a matching outfit. I threw on my chinos but felt that it was still too chilly to go without tights. And so I grabbed these totally colourful ones.
Contrary to the lower body, which was themed after sorbet & ice cream, the upper body wasn't yet ready to welcome the warmth. So it stayed covered in a Stella McCartney-esque top and heavy leather jacket. Only the accessories went mad.
Here we have me, grinning at you and holding tight my beloved bag (which you probably can't bear seeing anymore, buy hey ho, I'm a loyal person).
Living it up by performing Michael Jackson moves. Salut my friends!

H&M top
Zara chinos
Vintage jacket
 Coverse shoes
H&M tights
Asos bag
H&M belt
H&M sunglasses
D&G watch (silver), Swatch watch
Asos claw ring, Topshop elephant ring (purple), Six ring (green), Bipa ring 

I wore so many things!

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  1. Stop it! This vintage jacket is killing me....I need it! It reminds me of a bomber jacket, and I'm totally in love with bombers at the moment! I was at Australian fashion week last week and jackets with this shape were very popular! Nice outfit ladylove! xx mandy



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