On Finding THE Glitter Nail Polish

Finding a specific glitter nail polish has been more difficult than I initially thought. What I want is: Big colourful glitter sequins/ multicoloured glitter sequins in different sizes and shapes and with a transparent polish. The nail polishes you find in drugstores are less attention-grabbing; with their small glitter pieces they look more subtle and more like every other nail paint.

But finally, I found what I was searching for! American Apparel has two very beautiful and bold nail polishes, Supernova and Galaxy Glitter, both priced at £9. Models Own delivers with their new range, Hed Kandi, and it's party friendly nail paint Ibiza Mix, priced at £5.

You could also make your own nail polish. It'll be unique and you can decide how it'll look like. Just buy a transparent nail paint and scour eBay for some glitter and sequins. Or whatever else you want in there. And it'll definitely be cheaper too...

Do you have any glitter nail polish recommendations? Have you ever made your own nail polish?

images via americanapparel.co.uk and modelsownit.com, collage by me
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