Amy Nichols at GFW

Amy Nichols' collection was one of my favourites from UCA Epsom's show at Graduate Fashion Week. It revolved around combining silver metallics with Greek mermaid-like dresses and creating a subtle kind of warrior woman. Dresses were kept minimalistic, apart of the intricant details made out of complicated draping and knotting at the waist. The gowns created a floating effect with their long cut, loose fitting and sea-coloured hues.
A printed dress was also included and featured a water colour painting showcasing a mix of gladiators, sandals and some of the sketches for her collection.

Apart from the light and floaty dresses there were silver waistcoats and quilted leather trousers to give the garments a tough edge. The high heeled sandals matched perfectly with Amy Nichols' collection and kept it together.

Headpieces and arm cuffs embellished with silver and blue shells and starfish were carefully placed to enrich the collection.

Well done Amy! Hopefully everything goes well for the budding designer.
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  1. Oh the collection is absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of metallics and the shapes and colours of the dresses xx


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