Leather, Fringes and Clouds

Wearing autumn looks in summer has become something normal in the latest weeks. But it also has its benefits - wearing leather jackets for example. This one is from trusty All Saints (indulge in their sale here) and just mega rad. I really like the subtle Native American feel which comes from the  pleats and fringes.

On another note, I've coloured my hair again. About three weeks ago? I've already got 1 cm long roots... Also, I'm currently matching my hair ties to my outfits which is kinda fun.

If you're following me on instagram (@styleexplorer), you've probably got to see my awesome cloud nails already, done by the Pow Wow girls at Friday's Ballad Of... Baby K launch party. I'm really into nail art and constantly want to do all of my friends' nails haha. I started to follow this and this blog for some nail art inspo. But there are lots and lots of other great ones so don't restrict yourself ;-)
What are your favourite nail blogs?

H&M top, skirt and tights
All Saints leather jacket
Diesel sneakers
D&G watch
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  1. Love that fringe jacket! Your hair colour as well, looks great!




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