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One of Christina Walton's designs (UCA Epsom)

Hello hello!
Just wanted to say that I'm still around, despite my lack of posts. Currently I'm interning at Idol magazine which is really cool. From Sunday until yesterday we were at Graduate Fashion Week and saw many great shows. It's so refreshing to see these crazy and young designs which are really unconventional and so carefree. These designers still work without having the boundaries they would have if working for a company. They can still design what they want without having to think about who is going to wear their creations and whether the company will make any profit them.

Like last year, the exhibition is really worth a good look. I was really happy to see my tutors at the UCA Epsom stand, the uni I'm at.
Speaking of UCA Epsom, their show was mind-blowing! Of all the shows I've seen in the past days, it was one of the best! And I'm not saying that because I study there. I'll do a post on the show soon, you really have to see the student's designs.

If you want to read about the UCA Rochester show, check out this blog post at Idol magazine. It's the first one I wrote for them :-)

Enjoy your week and check back on my blog for more updates on GFW.

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  1. I hope that you are enjoying your internship! I love the outfit in the picture! The skeleton detailing is really interesting! xx



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