Writing On Metal

I won't start this post by saying "I loooove cute stationery" or "I've always been OBSESSED with stationery", because I don't know one single soul that does not appreciate beauty in its' various forms, including stationary. And so today, I'm showing you something other than clothes, namely these mega-bling desk decorators. The notebook was gifted to me during LFW in February and finally I'm able to use it as my old diary has no space left anymore. It's by Paperblanks, who have so many other gorgeous designs that I would need a long long time to decide which one to buy if I had to choose. If you're interested in getting one, check out the brand's website and WHSmith, where I found the same notebook as mine.
The pen is not for sale I'm afraid, as I got it many many years ago with a teenagers' magazine called W.I.T.C.H. Who was a fan as well?

What notebook/diary do you use?
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  1. I dont think I will be able to actually bring myself to write in the notebook just cos I dont want to ruin it with my hand writing. It really is beautiful


    1. Haha, I've heard that one ;-) xx


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