Shoe Friday #65

This week I'm showing you a beautiful shoe by Valentino. With its' short heel and ankle strap it's super comfortable and very flattering for your legs. It's such a great design, girly and elegant at the same time. The colour goes with everything and also makes the shoe a great transition into autumn.
From next week I'll be showing you all the shoes of the new season, there are some really gorgeous ones out there! I might even do a collage celebrating the most beautiful shoes of AW12 :-)

Have an awesome weekend you!
Emily ooo

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Avengers Gag Reel


I was initially looking for something fashion related to share with you guys but then stumbled upon this mega funny vid. It's the Avengers' Gag Reel which will be on your Blu Rays or DVDs from September 25th this year. I'm a huge Avengers fan and can't wait to see more behind the scenes perks! Watch it, watch it, watch it. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, you just have to do it NOW - no excuses!
Already major hyped up for the second part WHOOP :D (comes out 2015 though... - thank God I'm patient).

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That's How I Like It

Tunic from Mauritius
Gifted belt
EFFETTI sandals
Gifted necklace
Gifted dark green bracelet
 Light green bracelet from ZARA shorts
BIPA brown bracelet
Gifted gold bracelet

I wish I could go around like this all year round. Summery clothes in the boldest colours combined with equally strong accessories are just the dream. I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing colourful, shiny and glittery things – that’s me. Probably one of the reasons I don’t get people who are afraid of colour – how can you be? Colour just makes you happy!

Photography by Emmanuel
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Shoe Friday #64

Just realised that's the third pink shoe I'm showing you in a row... It's bad, really bad, but whatever. I post what I like and these innocent flats just caught my eye. What can I do? Seems like pink will stay with us for a while. Well, obviously, since it's probably THE colour of summer.
The pointy shoes are from Topshop and you can get them here.

Tell me, what shoes did you buy recently? I want to know!
Have an awesome weekend!!
Emily ooo

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Colour The Heat

ZARA top
FOREVER 21 shorts (belt included)
H&M sandals
D&G watch
ACCESSORIZE ring (blue)
TOPSHOP ring (violet)

Back with an outfit post! So many ones lately, that might be a new record...
Wearing one of my favourite tops, of course by Zara. Combined them with Forever 21 shorts for some print action. What do you think about the outcome?

Bisous from The Côte d'Azur!!

Photography by Emmanuel
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Shoe Friday #63

Last week's pink obsession isn't over yet - this time I'm bringing you ankle wrap sandals (LOVE them!!) by K. Jacques. Me gusta! Do you like them?

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Playing With Basics

H&M sandals
D&G watch
SWAROVSKI earrings
NO NAME necklace

Working them shorts again. Today I added a plain white top and my new favourite belt to spice things up.
Here it's so beautiful, I just love it! The beach is awesome, chocolate croissants and crème caramel are always available and the sun is burning hot. That's what I call living life. Everyone should be living in a nice and warm place instead of noisy and overcrowded cities.

Apparently it's gonna be even hotter tomorrow, yes to that :D Have a good weekend!

Photography by Emmanuel
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Ça Va?

H&M sandals

Bonjour from the Côte d'Azur! We arrived on Monday and will stay here for a bit more than three weeks. I'm really excited to be here as French is my favourite language! Today we went grocery shopping and the food is as good as I remembered it! Already bought some awesome éclairs, one's gone already...
Also, here I can wear my shorts, the ones I've got are really really short and not very appropriate for the city. Here no one gives a damn; they run around with bikinis in shopping centers for God's sake.

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Photography by Emmanuel and me

Shoe Friday #62

I have to admit that searching for shoes for Fridays is getting more and more difficult. It's because new season's shoes are popping in and less and less summery ones are being offered. But it's still August! I might start posting about winter shoes from September, that's when Autumn starts for me.
It's the same like Xmas sweets; today I found some winter cookies in a store. It's Christmas in FOUR months!

On to the shoes: They're by Jenny Kayne. Jayne from Stop It Right Now has some in black leather; if that ain't something...

Are you guys thinking about shearling and scarves already?

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Loud Nails

Hola everyone! Remember this post? If you liked it, you'll love what I have in store for you today.

Today I'm showing you some super cool nails I'm rocking since last Tuesday. They look super fun and are totally easy to make at home. What you'll need is nailpolish in whatever colour you like (I used green to make it even more colourful), a transparent nailpolish (to use as base and top coat) and these nail art decoration sequins (let's call them sequins for now).

Before you start, lay out all the sequins you want to use. I used five different ones for each nail. But if you like it less crazy, you can use only one. The possibilities are endless.
Start with applying the transparent nailpolish for the base coat. Let it dry and apply the first layer of the nailpolish on all ten nails. Let this dry as well and apply the second layer, but this time, do it nail by nail. Now the nailpolish is still wet, place the sequins on your nails. Use a wooden stick (one was included in the set), toothpick or tweezer and press the sequins lightly on the nails. This makes them stick to your nail even better. After you're done with putting all the sequins on your nails, apply the transparent nailpolish to secure them in place. And you're done!

I got the decoration sequins in Poundland (!) for obviously only 1£. As I said before, the kit comes with a wooden stick and a nail file. I'm really happy with them; for 1£ you have to buy it! Check out this blog for more photos.

Are you a nail art fan(atic) as well? I'd love if you could send me pics of your favourite nail art designs!
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I Know I'm Late, But...

... Look at her shoes...... SURPRISE!!! Hahahahaha!! Ohh, I still love them (they're still on this blog's wishlist on the right). I saw photos of Rihanna wearing them on the street but didn't know she used them for the cover of her single as well. I just googled a bit and guess what, we have the same shoe size! So Rihanna, if you don't need 'em anymore, just send them over to me! Hahaha

Happy Sunday you guys!
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Shoe Friday #61

Hello everyone! This time I'm bringing you unexpected shoe sweetness :-) These Miu Miu ballerinas are definitely on the kitschy side. But the metal caps on the front give them their cool edge. Still, they're like cupcakes for your feet ;-)

Would you wear them? Have a good weekend :-)

Images via and, collage by me
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