Loud Nails

Hola everyone! Remember this post? If you liked it, you'll love what I have in store for you today.

Today I'm showing you some super cool nails I'm rocking since last Tuesday. They look super fun and are totally easy to make at home. What you'll need is nailpolish in whatever colour you like (I used green to make it even more colourful), a transparent nailpolish (to use as base and top coat) and these nail art decoration sequins (let's call them sequins for now).

Before you start, lay out all the sequins you want to use. I used five different ones for each nail. But if you like it less crazy, you can use only one. The possibilities are endless.
Start with applying the transparent nailpolish for the base coat. Let it dry and apply the first layer of the nailpolish on all ten nails. Let this dry as well and apply the second layer, but this time, do it nail by nail. Now the nailpolish is still wet, place the sequins on your nails. Use a wooden stick (one was included in the set), toothpick or tweezer and press the sequins lightly on the nails. This makes them stick to your nail even better. After you're done with putting all the sequins on your nails, apply the transparent nailpolish to secure them in place. And you're done!

I got the decoration sequins in Poundland (!) for obviously only 1£. As I said before, the kit comes with a wooden stick and a nail file. I'm really happy with them; for 1£ you have to buy it! Check out this blog for more photos.

Are you a nail art fan(atic) as well? I'd love if you could send me pics of your favourite nail art designs!
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  1. I like your blog style and has everything I like.

  2. love some glitterati nails hun. Oh I'm doing my first ever giveaway which is an Alexander McQueen silk-chiffon skull print scarf, check it out.

    xx nathan.niche


  3. look amazing!


  4. Fun nails!



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