5 inch and up for Nelly Launch Party + Interview

Anyone else here fan of Sandra Hagelstam's style? I certainly am. The Finnish LCF graduate who writes the mega rad blog 5 inch and up is a style sensation. So guess how excited I was to hear when my favourite blogger dropped the bomb by saying she'd design a collection for Nelly. Sandra's style available for everyone? Well, gimme gimme! (Hope all that didn't sound too fangirly...)

Last Friday saw the long awaited launch party which was a true success; great music, yummy food'n'drinks and a very happy and forthcoming designer. After showing me the collection and explaining her ideas, we squeezed in a quick interview. Thank you again Sandra!
Read what she has to say below.

What was your favourite piece to design and why?
The kimono jacket (above); I wanted to do something totally different and to mix a couple of styles. It’s almost like a blanket mixed with a cape mixed with a kimono with a coat. It’s a new take on the throw-on. You can wear it over a leather jacket and gives a little bit more structure to the outfit.
Will there be more 5 inch and up for Nelly collaborations?
We don’t know yet but I’m definitely going to continue working with them in the future. I’m not sure how or what we’re going to do but we will definitely do something together. They have been an absolutely amazing partner throughout the whole project and they’ve made it so fun and easy for me to work with them.
They’re a big company and are always trying to be innovative which is what makes them really good. So we’re always looking to continue working together and come up with new projects to do (like Sandra’s new street style blog The NeighbourhoodWatch on nelly.com)
Will we see a shoe line designed by you?
That is a dream of mine. Right now I’m just struggling to find the time to do all the things I want to do; I’ve just graduated only like a month ago. One day it’ll definitely happen.
If you had the chance, with which designer would you work with?
I would love to work with Diesel on their designs. They recently relaunched their womenswear line and they’re still working on their whole collection, accessories and shoes. Right now, I’d love to work with them. Also I’d like to work with bags and jewellery in general and spread the wings into that area. My dream partner would be anyone to design accessories with. Now that I’ve done this collection with Nelly, I definitely want to continue with womenswear but it would also be nice to specify more on accessories.
How have you and your style changed since opening your blog?
My style has definitely changed for the better. I used to not think too much about what I wore and I’ve never really been able to describe my style. When I started the blog, people started talking about my signature style and I had to ask myself the question “what is my signature style?” It’s amazing to hear how people define my style. If anything, the blog is giving me more confidence, as cliché as it sounds. It assured me that I can continue wearing what I want and that’s what makes the blog what it is.

Here's the whole 5 inch and up for Nelly lookbook:
Super cool, eh?
If you're not following her already, do it now! Visit her blog 5 inch and up and click the follow button. Do it, do it, do it! ;-) 5 inch and up for Nelly will be available for purchase from tomorrow, 11.9. on nelly.com
Sandra, I wish you the best of luck with your collection and future projects :-)

Lookbook images via 5inchandup.blogspot.com, everything else: instagram (@styleexplorer)
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  1. I do read her blog and great to see her collection and style available to us.



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