Black Leather Backpacks

Finding bags is no easy task for me, especially since I'm no fan of the typical bag. It has to be something more. Something edgy and cool, not too feminine. Lately, I thought about acquiring a black bag which matches every outfit. I don't have one; well there's a PU one I got for £5 at Primark two years ago which I rarely use.

The bag I want has to be a backpack, for practical reasons - your hands are free and you carry the thing on your back rather than on one single arm. Very good for your body. Also during Fashion Week it'll be much easier having a rucksack when you're carrying a camera, bottle of water and all the stuff you get.

After much searching, I finally found a bag I liked. Of course it's leather (never buy PU, it can look cheap, gets damaged easily and won't last for years - leather you'll have for your life). It's also very clean and streamlined and not messy and cheap-looking at all. You can see it above, it's the one from Asos. Can't wait for it to arrive!

The other bags you see above are quite nice too, especially the one by Longchamp. Too bad they're so expensive (especially the The Row one - available for approximately $34,000 *cough cough*).

P.S.: Do it like me and sign up for Unidays and receive -25% off your Asos order until 9am tomorrow. I got my bag for £41,25 instead of £55. Unidays also give you discount at all the major high street brands like Topshop, Office, Motel Rocks and many many more.

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  1. I love all these, exactly what I'd want when buying a backpack! The ASOS one is a great buy :)

    1. Great that we have the same 'needs' haha! :-)


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