Contemporary Cowboy

 H&M shirt
ZARA jeans
ALL SAINTS leather jacket
ASOS bag

Hey everyone! Today it was my first day back at uni; I'm in the second year now and really happy to be back, wohoo! That's what I wore to uni - my new boots saw the light of the day for their first time, they are SO AWESOME... and super comfortable as well. I'm so lucky that I got the last pair in my size and in store. Don't you love it when that happens?
The jeans are also new, my first black skinny jeans ever, yes I'm for real. Bought them before the shoes and must say they go perfectly with these cowboy boots.
Also, here you can finally see the Asos backpack I got a few weeks ago, it's really great; roomy, has a clean timeless cut and you can wear it with anything.

Who's back at uni as well? I wish you a good start and a great year! :D

P.S.: Just noticed that that's the first time I'm posting photos with my new hair colour. I love it, it's much cooler than all the reds I had since the beginning of the year.
Photography by Emmanuel
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  1. This is a fab outfit! LOVE the hair colour too. Looks good for autumn/winter xx

  2. It's pretty funny that the color of your hair is similar to the color of your boot! I love it!

    1. Yeah, love that matchy matchy thing, haha!


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