New In - Cowboy Boots (Hell Yeah)

Hola! Today I went shopping on Oxford Street to search and buy this mega dope leather jacket. I've wanted it since a few weeks now, but haven't had proper time to go shopping yet because of LFW. Unfortunately, I didn't find it in the size I wanted, which is L... M is far too tight, it's not normal! I'll continue trying searching for it and eventually I'll get it! Hah!
Then I went straight into the shoe department at Topshop, to search for these boots I've blogged about in July. At first, the shop assistant told me that they'd sold out and gave the same shoe but with a different design which I didn't know of - shock horror! I thought I'd knew everything about Topshop's shoes, haha.. Well, I tried them on, loved them and suddenly she brought me the ones I originally had come for. Suddenly I had to decide...
But in the end I got these super dope mega awesome bad-ass cowboy boots. They just look much much better than the others and more luxurious as everything's leather.
Hell, I adore them! They're the radest shoes in my closet man, I think I'm blacking out.....

Watcha think? Do you love them as much as I do?

Also I reached 100 GFC followers yesterday!! I want to thank every single one of you for reading my blog and leaving super nice comments :D It's awesome that you like what I post! Of course, also thank you for the 25 people following me via Bloglovin :D Thank you to each and every one of you!!!

Emily oooxxxoooxxx
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