DIKEE dress
H&M sandals
Pepper earrings and ring from Nice

Wearing something bodycon for a change but still keeping it minimalistic with a simple shape and nearly no accessories. I wear these super cool pepper accessories very rarely but absolutely love them. I got them about six years ago in Nice and set the vegetable and pepper trend way before Dolce & Gabbana ;-) Back then I also wore a lot of fruit accessories (like strawberry necklaces and apple earrings - and much much more) and people used to ask "why are you wearing fruits and vegetables?". I just love them as they're so fun, playful and colourful. Do you like wearing them?

I got back to London on Thursday and can't wait for LFW. You'll be seeing many collection, street style and backstage photos. Follow me on Twitter (@StyleExplorer) and Instagram (@styleexplorer) for updates on the go.
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  1. WAAAH! I love these earrings! they are freakin' awesome! I don't own any fruit jewelery yet, but I should get some! (also, I know what you mean. I hate it when you are asked WHY you are wearing something. I mean, because I can. because it is awesome. such a stupid question.) Fruit jewelery is AMAZING! love your blog.


    1. Thank you! SO true, you just wear it, cause you like it! xx


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