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Today I want to introduce you to Young Republic, a global marketplace which allows new and independent designers to share their work with other like-minded people. Young Republic is a very new online store based in Sydney; it launched only at the end of August but already has over 600 designers on board which come from very different parts of the world, such as Tokyo, New York, Sydney, London and many more.

While browsing the store, I quickly realised that there are plenty of great gems waiting to be discovered and taken home. Young Rebpublic doesn't only sell women's and men's clothes, they also offer kid's wear, jewellery and various products for your home. There were many things which cought my eye, scroll down to see the Top 10!
This wrap by L For Lazarus was the first thing I saw and went crazy for. It looks so comfortable while still giving you that cool and carefree edge. And there are so many ways to wear it, it just won't get boring!

This ring has a super simple cut yet delivers a strong message - don't come closer or I'll bite! Ha, I'm obviously joking. The ring, created by AndThat, is a modern take on a hunting trap.
And this one is for all sea lovers, an octupus ring by Museum Of Small Things. How brilliant?!
And get this! A popcorn necklace! Coloured in oh so pretty shades! How did I not know of this before? Eat Me Do produce them and also the following ones:
A coloured popcorn bracelet!
And a fricking Froot Loops necklace!!! Can I go crazy now? This is getting too much...
Now, I think I'm feeling better... check out this cuff! I really like the symmetrical drawings on it. It's by Becky Dockree Jewellery.
By Csera is another cool brand, I like their iPhone cases, they're so happy and colourful and make you feel as if summer never left.
This case is another one by them. And they also design pillow cases, the one you see below is particularly beautiful. Flowers and butterflies painted in all these stunning shades...
What's your favourite of my picks? Visit to see all the other creative talents and their unique designs.

All images courtesy of, L For Lazarus, AndThat, Museum Of Small Things, Eat Me Do, Becky Dockree Jewellery and By Csera
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