Anthropologie Love

Yesterday I entered a dreamy fantasy-like store. Bright colours, fabulous fabrics and jewellery bathing in embellishment was all around me. Apart from that, there were beautiful, beautiful garments everywhere, from bold floral dresses to glittery vests, there was nothing which didn't scream 'take me home'. The whole store was laid out like you would imagine a modern gypsies living room to be; different items and styles put together which created this lively and so very vibrant atmosphere.

I have not been as excited about a store since I stepped inside the Topshop on Oxford Circus aged 16. I had never seen so many bright colours and fantastic designs in one place (I came from Austria after all, where you don't have anything like that). It was the same thing yesterday, only that the store featured more grown-up styles and I managed to contain my excitement.

I annoyed my friends with the question "What is this store called?", "Where are we?" until one of them said "Anthropologie". That's when the 'Aha' moment came. I had heard about Anthropologie before, back in my head I kinda knew it was a store, but never fully realised it. Do you know what I mean? Now I know what the mega hype is all about. How come I only visited it now?!

Soon, I'll go back again, until then I'll have to content myself with Anthropologie's website - visit it here. Also, follow them on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Who else loves the store? Or has experienced a major 'Aha' moment recently? ;-)

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  1. hi!
    I really love your blog!!
    I´m you newest follower!!
    Would you like to take a look at mine and maybe follow..

    1. Thank you! I'll be checking out your blog! xx

  2. absolutely amazing brand!!! everything so cool!where is the store in london?!xxxx ps need to come street styling with u to learn from the best!:PX

    1. It's in King's Road somewhere, maybe number 139? Haha, thank you - I'm glad you like the photos :D xx


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