Knock Kock Knit

H&M shirt
ZARA jeans
BRONX boots
FOREVER 21 necklace
Laughing out loud in the cold... that's how the next frosty months are going to look like for me! Why? 'Cause it's warm in my knits. And even if they don't look stylish, I'm not freezing my limbs off. During winter I really choose comfort over fashion. 
But this particular knit is one of the stylish ones and one of my favourites. I really like its' cream colour, slouchy fit and little metallic details. That's why I forgive it that it's made out of pure acrylic...

What about you? Comfort or fashion?

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  1. I've always gotta have both... I don't think you can look very stylish if you are feeling uncomfortable! ^__^ but I do make the not so wise choice of constantly wearing nylons & skirts i throughout the winter months... as pretty as the snowy months are... I have difficulty finding pants so I just want skirt weather to return asap! ;__;

    50 Shades of Burgundy?

    1. I miss skirt weather as well... Hopefully it'll get a bit warmer in the next weeks? We can always hope ;-)


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