Greetings From Paradise

Hola from Gran Canaria! I'm currently on the island soaking up sun and listening to the sea. And all this in December! I visited the island exactly one year ago as well and was happy to come back again.
In the next days we'll visit the capital Las Palmas and I'll be looking out for Zara stores. What do you think I'd be doing in the birthland of my favourite shop? Especially when everything here is so much cheaper...

Of course, I'm not only shopping here (I never understand people who are on holiday in a different city/country and go shopping; visit the attractions, watch people, eat local food but please don't go only shopping. Nowadays you can get anything you want online anyway...).
I can't wait til we get into Las Palmas, it's such a colourful city. Hope to take some fun photos!

Happy holidays everyone :-)
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