Successful Living At Diesel Village

Yesterday I popped down to Diesel Village for the second time this month. Located on 229 - 247 Regent Street, Diesel Village is a pop-up shop which opened its doors in December last year and plans to stay open til April. It contains every merchandise made by the Diesel 'cool factory' - how I like to call it. You'll find Diesel's original clothing range and accessories, the more urban 55DSL range, various perfumes and footwear. There's even A Ducati bike in the men's department - obviously customised by the brand.

Their recent collections appeal to me much more than those of previous years. Before, I found them to be way too sporty but now Diesel has managed to create garments for every occasion, not just for hanging round the block. Diesel Black Gold, a line added to the house in 2009, clearly has helped to shift the image of the brand. Hats of for the favourable change. Well done Diesel.

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  1. Wow I am loving this post! Loving Diesel :)


    Hillary @
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  2. Thank you! Yep, Diesel ist just cool :D

  3. I was there too- but too busy dancing to get great snaps like these of the collection- love ur pics!


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