Winter Favourites

ZARA blouse
ASOS coat
H&M trousers
D&G watch
Necklace from Bulgaria

Today my friend and I once again borrowed the uni's Canon 5D Mark II and 50mm f1.4 lens... The most perfect combination! The photos look so good and I always jump for joy when I see the stunning bokeh effect. Ahhhhhh...

This outfit includes nearly all my favourite garments for winter; the super necessary faux fur coat, the most beautiful floral print blouse ever (yes of course it's from Zara), the awesome faux leather trousers and some badass cowboy boots. Easy-peasy outfit combo.

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  1. this outfits gorgeous! i love the shirt... really reminds me of the free people jan catalogue you posted below

    glad i stumbled on your blog

    excited to see what you post now im following you xxx

    1. Thank you! The shirt really is so stunning, so happy when I got it :-)
      Have a good evening Sophie!


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